Design Consultation, CAD, Project Management, Ground Works, Steel Works, Construction

Design Consultation

A design consultation is an opportunity for you to speak with us about your ideas and needs, and for us to use our experience to help guide you to the best solution for your situation. This is a great opportunity to really explore all potential options available to you and frequently finds solutions that customers are unaware are possible.


Specialists in the use of CAD, it is widely used in the area of engineering to design the different buildings that our customers have in mind. CAD gives us the chance to create those buildings in both 2D and 3D and reproduce the replica as it will look like in real life.

This allows for complete agreement between us and the customer.  CAD is great for avoiding unexpected issues in manufacturing, planning, and analysis while also helping to keep track of material requirements, CAD inventory control and production planning.

Project Management

Use our trusted professional project management service to ensure a smooth and efficient build that allows customers to relax and be sure that our experienced staff are taking care of: 
  • Preparing cost estimates, budgets, and work timetables whilst explaining to you the technical aspects and ensuring compliance with legal requirements, and building and safety codes.
  • Report on work progress and budget matters to the customer while handling any necessary collaborations with external specialists.
  • Respond to work delays and other problems and emergencies

Ground Works

Preparing the area for the start of any serious construction work, this may include demolition of existing structures and is the first stage of any construction project. Ground works include: ground investigation, site clearance, ground stabilisation work, drainage and landscaping. Solstice Equestrian use our own specialist equipment and workmen with experience in projects, able to provide bulk excavation services before levelling and preparing the concrete base.  

Steel Works

With the creation of new structures, Solstice Equestrian are able to take care of the structural steel-work. This helps minimise miscommunication and mismeasurement that sometimes occur when two different groups overlap work on a project.
This enables customers to hire only one company, lowering costs and increasing efficiency.


Experienced in the construction of equestrian structures, such as bespoke stables and outbuildings, we are able to cover all aspects of construction, including on structures with listed status, being able to reuse materials from these edifices.With a history in design, our focus is as much on final aesthetics as it is build quality and practicality.

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